Saturday, January 23, 2010

5 - the mouthpiece

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sam kennedy was exasperated
in his experience he had seen a lot
nothing surprised him
confusion rarely entered his brain
eddie, though, was something else

he had approached sam about a month ago
entering his office by way of the service elevator

he had a proposition for sam
as always, sam listened
doubtless talk was cheap

regarding loyalty, sam had an open mind
eddie understood sam
at first, sam expressed surprise
loyalty is sacred, he insisted
i can't just blow kenny off
zero tolerance for rats is a law of nature
eddie just smiled
doubt never entered his mind

kenny was on the slide
events were conspiring against him
nothing he could do would matter
nothing he could say either
yes, thought eddie, i have him

when the first string is pulled
all the puppets look up
so long as he string is tight

fine, thought sam
out of all the guys he could have propositioned
lucky he chose me
little does he suspect
once he thinks he has me
when he's ready to spring the trap
i will be long gone
never to be seen again
goodbye, eddie!

ha ha ha
it was nice knowing you
mighty nice indeed

just then sam's phone rang
oh oh he thought
he picked it up
nick was on the other end
nothing he said made much sense
yes, yes. sam agreed

how come nick was calling?
always before it had been kenny himself
denoting caution

but now, was kenny getting careless?
everything pointed that way
especially now
nick was babbling away

politely, sam interrupted
right now were not a good idea
perhaps later
let's get together
eddie is the problem, yes
except when he isn't, of course
even when he seems to be quiet
doesn't this guy ever get to the point?

i wholeheartedly agree
no doubt

he finally got rid of nick
i need a thick porterhouse steak, he thought
so what if the doctor said no more

mulling the implications of nick's call
in the depths of his treacherous brain
notwithstanding his natural caution
decision time was reached

how had it come to this?
eddie had been nothing

was it destiny?
all sam knew was he wanted to pick a winner
so much for loyalty

continuing his train of thought
on his way out the door
nodding to the cleaning lady
flashing a big smile
under his restlessly probing eyes
sam never considered
eddie's true motives
decided long ago

6. ike


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