Thursday, February 11, 2016

6 - ike

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down on the street sam saw a newsboy

extra! extra! the boy shouted

sam took a nickel out of his pocket

perhaps there really was some news

i hope not, he thought

too much change is never good

extraordinary events usually portend trouble

here, kid - sam flipped the boy the nickel

in stride he grabbed the paper

sam blanched

cold panic swept over him

on this day of all days!

nick must have known about this

fool that i’ve been, thought sam

unless nick has been playing us all

sometimes you have to grasp at straws

i feel sick

on the sidewalk a raindrop fell

now what?

he considered his options

everything would come apart now

forget any hope of playing a long game

eddie would declare total war on everybody

let the bodies fall where they may

tomorrow was today

sam shook his head, trying to clear it

there would be a funeral for mickey

regrets for his untimely passing would be expressed

and after that…

no quarter would be asked or given

great would be the woe and lamentation

eddie would see to that

last night everything seemed so rosy

yesterday was a million miles away

can i get away? sam wondered

and where can i go?

let me think

my options are severely limited

eddie might be on his way over here right now!

very likely, in fact

emptiness opened up in front of sam

run! he thought , i have to run!

yes, that’s it

tomorrow will be too late

hold on - take a deep breath

inhale… exhale

now walk slowly to the bank

good thing it is just around the corner

when sam got to the bank

a wave of panic swept over him

sam! he heard a voice call

great, he thought, i can’t catch a break

out of nowhere a figure appeared

ike mccarthy!

never in a million years had sam expected him to turn up!

good to see you, ike, he mumbled

that’s not a very enthusiastic greeting, ike boomed

oh i was just so surprised to see you, sam responded desperately

booshwa, ike answered

every one of you guys are the same

all forgetting an old pal

lest you forget

lest you forget, ike repeated menacingly

rejecting me is not on your best interests

i want my share

get me?

humor me

that’s all you have to do

to be continued