Sunday, May 10, 2009

3 - lucky

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uptown at the midnight club lucky was waiting patiently.
nothing much bothered her.
lucky was a philosopher.
in her eyes nothing showed.
kenny had picked her out of the crowd only weeks ago.
everything was fine now.

kicking against fate had never been her style.
eventually things would work out.
now and again a thought passed through her brain.
nobody knew her name.
youth wouldn't last forever.

what was that?
had she seen something out of the corner of her eye?
oh no!

honey johnson!
a person she never wanted to see again.
did she have to pop up now?

right now was not the time
in lucky's mind a plan began to form
so what if honey johnson knew what she knew?
everything was going to be all right
no problem

isolating honey was the first priority
now,not later

turning on the barstool lucky nonchalantly scanned the room
her brain was tingling
emerging from its deep sleep

only concentrate
right now
get the old brain moving
a thought began to form
nobody liked honey johnson
i never liked her, lucky thought
zero good intentions
and everybody thought the same
there are people like that
it's kind of sad
on the other hand
nobody gets a free pass

just walk up to her
"o hi honey, remember me? "
honey turned to face her
"no, who are you?"
"nobody you want to remember."
yet nothing registered in honey's face

had lucky been mistaken?
all her instincts screamed no
duplicity had always been honey's road game

facing reality, lucky turned away
as she turned she said
"little joe"
leaving honey she looked straight ahead
eyes bored into her back
now what?

taking her coat off her chair she walked out
outside the night was clear

to wait for kenny was impossible
he might not show up at all
everything depended on herself

lucky started walking
on her left a bus was pulling to the curb
why not?
entering the bus she took a seat by the rear door
slowly she turned her head
the street behind was empty

lucky opened her purse
everything she owned was not in it
very likely
everything she could take with her was
lowering her eyes
she considered the risks

on her right a man was looking at her
friendly eyes gleamed behind thick glasses

she looked over at him
on his head a fedora rested
calmness descended on lucky
i can do this, she thought
"excuse me," she said
to the man with the fedora
"you remind me of someone i used to know."

pausing momentarily
expectancy in his eyes
robert harris (for that was his name)
held lucky's gaze
all his caution evaporated
prior experience went out the window
she was so beautiful!

kenny, meanwhile, had stopped watching the rain
energy flowed through his brain
nothing could stop him now
no thought of failure was in his head
years of triumph awaited

contrary to lucky's calculations
all his thoughts were elsewhere
revenge against his enemies
evolution of his ambitions
did he think of lucky at all?

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